On November 3rd, all of the hard work that we put into this campaign paid off — I was elected to the Coconut Grove Village Council. I am the youngest person to ever have the honor of serving this community and one of the youngest elected officials in Miami’s history. Thank you to the 681 people who came out and voted for me. A lot of people gave their time and energy to help me achieve this and will forever have my appreciation for their support and dedication. Hope Mohr was instrumental in getting the word out in the Center Grove, organizing the Meet and Greet BBQ and keeping me motivated and energized throughout the campaign. I cannot thank her enough.  Nancy and Oliver were my biggest champions in the West Grove — knocking on doors, passing out fliers, and speaking with their friends and neighbors about me. Many others were involved in some way or another and you know who you are. Thank you!

For me, the work has only just begun. We are faced with some major challenges here in Coconut Grove that must be addressed. While I will not assume office until January, I have already started working on putting together an agenda, will be giving a few speeches before January, and testifying in front of the current Council on Thursday about the 5am closing rule. I am working on three projects right now in the West Grove, the details of which I will release soon.

Coconut Grove is at a critical time in its history and needs real leadership to ensure its success. It is my promise to the residents I serve to make sure that our officials are up for the challenge. With a new mayor, new commission chairman and two new commissioners, it is essential that the needs of Coconut Grove’s most forgotten and left behind community are not further neglected moving forward. I wish our officials the best of luck in their coming terms and hope to work together to address issues of mutual concern.

I care deeply about Coconut Grove and will continue to fight for you.

-Stephen Murray

November 8th Miami Herald Article
November 4th Grand Ave News
Congratulatory Letter from Congressman Kendrick Meek (D-FL)

3 Responses to “Victory!”
  1. Jobie Steppe says:

    Mr. Murry, Welcome. I’ve been in the Grove since 1965. Although low in readership, I would suggest you read the Coconut Grove Grape Vine vintage blogs and readership comments, say about a years worth.
    You will see a clear vivid clue why stores are empty as you read a steady flow of commentary protraying an extremely boring hypo Grove community in need of infusion. Despersed with regularity you will read some really ugly, mean-spirited hate mongering and see a few regulars seeking out some witch to burn at the stake. You will see numerous pictures that place the Grove in a negative light. Read where about 7months ago where the Grape Vine advises us Grovites that our post office is a “training facility” that caused a few people to spit on postal service personnel—and it was a lie just to create negative comments/tumult.
    You should have a talk with the author who stated those who opposed you were “COMMUNIST”. Was he speaking for you? You see what I mean? But, then again you may have said this, I don’t know. Once he advised the entire Grove community that a local restaurant had over 200 roaches, which was not true. The restaurant went out of business within two months. I’m suggesting, perhaps due to your youth, you be careful what you say around the author. I have personally caught Tom in numerous lies and acting out vulgarity. Our community is much more dynamic that the Grape Vine portends.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Stephen, however being the youngest elected official is never something to be happy about. Joe Carollo was the youngest elected Commissioner at 21. Look how that turned out.

  3. Jobie Steppe says:

    Stephen, you need to read the latest Blog presented by the Grape today. I suggest you should have a talk with Tom about spreading so much trash in our community. This does nothing but harm us all. Today Tom is trying to stir up some really vile stuff about bar closings. Please read it and see what you can do about this kind of rhetoric in our community. Tom is turning Grovites against each other just to stir up a few comments. He’s literally afraid of some of these bar owners and prints such trash.

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