What needed to be said last night can not and will not wait.

Last night was supposed to be the televised candidates forum for the Coconut Grove Village Council election. Since I do not have any real proof on some of the theories as to why the plug was pulled, I can not go into that yet. What I can say though is that regardless of the shut down, I have a couple things that I had planned on saying that still need to be said.

The 5am bar closing issue has been the subject of much debate. I have made my position very clear on this issue: we must stay competitive in one of our greatest pulls for business. The concerns many of us share can be addressed by better enforcement of public safety laws as they are done elsewhere in the City, and can be done without an ordinance that specifically constricts our already hurting businesses. Public opinion overwhelmingly supports this position. However, back door politics are currently taking place to block action and scare our residents.

Now is not the time to shy away from the mission of the Village Council. We must not be afraid, we must not allow this type of misconduct to go unchecked, and we must not let scare tactics govern Coconut Grove.

And my message to those in positions of power who wish to subvert the voices of dissent – I am not running for the Village Council to be your enemy nor your friend; I am running to partner with you and to support the decisions you make that keep the best interests of our residents at heart. But mark my words: I will publicly call you out when you fail to do so. For far too long, you have been permitted to intimidate our friends, colleagues and businesses behind closed doors and under the cloak of anonymity, but that time has now passed. The only thing worse than a playground bully, is one that doesn’t have the decency or the courage to fight their battles out in the open. Here in the Grove, we can and we will be better than that.

It is my pledge to you that I will never back down from fighting for what I believe is best for the community I serve.

-Stephen Murray

PS: On a completely unrelated note, Happy Birthday to both my mom and little sister (the other day). I love you both!

2 Responses to “What needed to be said last night can not and will not wait.”
  1. Aunty Em Ericann says:

    One has to wonder why any debate would be scuttled. Hope to see you tomorrow.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Are you talking about Sarnoff?

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