Stephen Murray for Coconut Grove Village Council

Candidate Bio

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Miami (Class of 2011, BBA in Political Science), Research/Teaching Assistant in the School of Business, Community Activist in the West Grove, and the Democratic Party Committeeman of Precinct 584. I am originally from New York, but lived overseas most of my life (4 years in Austria, 5 years in Hungary). My parents still live in Europe and I travel back and forth to see them during my breaks. I worked as a fund-raiser for the Democratic National Committee in the summer of 2006 and was the Lead Field Manager for the Philadelphia office and a top averaging door-to-door fund-raiser in the country at the time.

I bring a fresh perspective to the table. (click Read More)
Working as an activist has me out in the community a lot and talking to people has given me a good look into what they feel isn’t being done right here. I also have worked with local government on a range of issues and understand the process of making sure the problems we face are being taken care of. Personally, I have been given enough excuses. I am tired of hearing why something can’t be done when a little hard work and effort could go a long way to help more people. I’m not afraid to stand up for what I believe in and fight against those who try to write others off. We can be doing a better job and I will make sure of it.

Coconut Grove needs to be reaching out to the young people that live in this community. There are many students and young professionals living in the Grove and it’s about time we got engaged in the debate about our future. As a Councilman I would make a big effort to get other young people involved in the projects that are important to our community. Just in this last couple of months, many other students have gotten involved either through my campaign or through the Grand Ave News project or the efforts of the UM School of Law and we need to make sure that involvement is continued.

A short sampling of my accomplishments:

  • I resolved an animal neglect dispute that had created a neighborhood battle, making the situation better for the dog and for the residents who were involved.
  • I have taken on Florida Power and Light about their new transmission line project and rate increase, bringing the problem to the attention of our elected officials and working to resolve the issues between neighborhoods and the utility company.
  • I adopted two dogs, fostered and re-homed five stray dogs and a cat, all of which were left on our streets and in our parks. Addressing the stray problem, not only in Coconut Grove but county-wide, is a top priority of mine. The number of animals that are being abandoned continues to skyrocket and finding homes is increasingly difficult for the many rescuers in the area.
  • As a Democratic Party Committeeman, I have registered many new voters and represent 1,300 Democrats to our local party, working to turn out almost 70% of registered voters in 2008.
  • I raised over $1500 for the only soup kitchen operating in the Village West, all of which came from donations by Coconut Grove residents and will help keep them running through December. Due to tough economic times they had seen an increase in demand of the essential service they provide to the community and needed the funds to fill their budgetary gap.

My strong dedication to the entire community would make me an asset and I would strengthen our voice to really make a difference.

-Stephen Murray

Some affiliations: Miami-Dade Democratic Party, Local Board Member of the Selective Service System (nominated by Governor of Florida and serve at the will of the President of the United States), and Notary Public in the State of Florida.


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