Some Updates


It has been a very hectic week. Met with a bunch of interesting people and made some great connections. Thanks to all who were able to take time out of their busy schedules to talk with me about Village West issues.

I realized that I still use my cell number from when I lived in Philadelphia, and it is long distance for many of you. I have set up another line that is local, if there is no answer on the first few rings it forwards the call to my cell phone (free for both of us) and then we can talk as if we were both on local numbers. Please use: 305-403-9637 for any future calls.

Last night at Basil on Grand Ave, City Commissioner Joe Sanchez (Dist 3) met up with some leaders from the West Grove. It was a very good opportunity to hear some of his ideas about affordable housing, community revitalization, his strong commitment to parks and public spaces, and a long record of preserving neighborhoods. I will try to keep you updated in advance about any future meetings like this.

-Stephen Murray

2 Responses to “Some Updates”
  1. Anonymous says:

    2 out of the three posts here are for Sanchez….ugh.“his strong commitment” I understand you are not from here but please ask around a bit.

  2. Considering I’m just getting started – and that he has been doing a lot of events this week in the Village West, it’s appropriate for me to have posted about it. When Regalado does his first West Grove event, I will attend and promote it equally. I put my name behind my posts and stand behind what I say – you should too.

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